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OPENING 24th of July at 20:00 gmt+3


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The 1st season we came up with a new reward system for clans, all clans will be able to participate and try to win the prize pool of 2000 €.
The clan rating will be formed by the amount of clan points, rewards will be distributed as follows:

1st stage
from 24th of July to 31th of August

  • 1 place - 450 euro
  • 2 place - 300 euro
  • 3 place - 125 euro
  • 4 place - 75 euro
  • 5 place - 50 euro

2nd stage
from 31th of August to 31th of September

  • 1 place - 450 euro
  • 2 place - 300 euro
  • 3 place - 125 euro
  • 4 place - 75 euro
  • 5 place - 50 euro

Before the start of the second stage, 31th of August at 21:00 gmt+3, all clan points will be reset.

How to earn clan points ?

  • 5 - 25 Clan Points - for killing Raid Boss 60+ LvL (points depend on raid boss level)
  • 65 Clan Points - Hero status for every clan member (heroes every 2 weeks)

Weekly siege, late registration 1 hour before start.

  • 400 Clan Points - For capture Giran Castle
  • 400 Clan Points - For capture Rune Castle
  • 400 Clan Points - For capture Aden Castle
  • 400 Clan Points - For capture Goddard Castle
  • 100 Clan Points - All other castles

For killing Epic Raid Boss:

  • 847 Clan Points - Valakas
  • 847 Clan Points - Antharas
  • 363 Clan Points - Baium
  • 242 Clan Points - Frintezza

For killing Epic Raid Boss:

  • 242 Clan Points - Zaken
  • 121 Clan Points - Ant Queen
  • 103 Clan Points - Orfen
  • 103 Clan Points - Core

The winner clans will receive automatic donate coins in to inventory of clan leader. For the payment in your paypal account, you have to keep the donate coins in your inventory and contact server administrator Rubix in our discord channel https://discord.l2heyday.com
The payment is made to the clan leader paypal account, the administration is not responsible for how the clan leader will share the reward with the clan members.


  1. We do not interfere with the gameplay, mutual assistance between the clans is not punishable by anything.
  2. To get paid, the clan must attend at least 50% of the game events (epic bosses, sieges, etc.). Clans that win points in the first days and stop fighting for more points will not be rewarded.
  3. Clans that left the server will not receive any reward. For the rest of the prize, we will extend the event.
  4. It is forbidden to make bot clan and move members from clan to clan. both clans will be removed from event.
  5. If players find tricks, the administrator always has the right to add any rule at any time, and even remove clan from the event.
  6. Until server opening some changes can be made !
Best regards,

L2Heyday team.

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